1 Spin for a €289,690 Win

August 30, 2013

An online slot with a name like Merlin’s Millions should be something pretty magical right? Well, we have to say that we are astounded by the miracle we have just heard about. An incredibly lucky player, over at EUCasino, made just a single spin of the Merlin’s Millions online slot game, hit the free spins feature, and walked away with a shattering €289,690 win! In just one spin!

The player, who is Czech, is said to be absolutely over the moon with this incredible €289,690 single spin win whilst playing Merlin’s Millions at EUCasino. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be?

Merlin’s Millions is a themed online slot game that is notable for its awesome graphics and sound, slick gameplay, and its unbelievable free spins feature. The free spins feature is pretty clever, as it allows the player to choose their wild symbol at the start of each spin. If they make the right choice, and happen to hit the maximum win multiplier as well, they can bank some amazing amounts of cash, such as this single spin win of €289,690!

Speaking on behalf of EUCasino, Elana Gold, the VIP Manager, has said that, “This jackpot was the second such instance that so much money was won off just 1 spin. Previously, Jonny E (a Norwegian) won a staggering €280,000 off 1 spin. His name remains in the record books for EUCasino.”

How incredible is that? This is the second time that Merlin’s Millions has paid out over a quarter of a million Euros to a player in a single spin! Just think about the probability of that happening? It is totally mind boggling.

EUCasino, as the name suggests, targets primarily European players, although it is open for international players as well. This is one of the smaller online casino sites, and it is nice to hear of such an incredible win being bagged at a site of this size. Usually we hear about these kinds of wins from players at the major online casino sites, and although this is always good news, the fact that it was something of an underdog in market terms that paid out €289,690 is even better.

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