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September 26, 2013

If you are in to online slot play, either on your computer or via a mobile app, then you will no doubt have heard of All Slots online casino. This is possibly the top video slot focused online casio site around, and for good reason. Combine the incredible range of online slot games on offer, with the great customer support and awesome casino promotions and you have a recipe for a classic online gambling site. However, the real measure of how good an online casino is, can be said to be the amount of cash it pays out in winnings. All Slots does not disappoint in this area either, just this month alone it has paid out more than $21 million to video slot players.

The two top paying video slot games at All Slots online casino this month are Pure Platinum and Gold Factory. Pure Platinum paid out via the All Slots mobile app, with a record breaking $1.3 million. This is the most that any online slot game has ever paid out via the mobile app that All Slots offers.

Gold Factory also paid it out big this month. A win of over $1 million was reported by a player who was playing via the All Slots downloadable casino application. Gold Factory has been a popular video slot since its release, and we are not surprised to see it pay out big this month.

All Slots online casino has recently updated its website to be easier to use, and offer a more streamlined playing experience. There were also some great additions to its mobile app in the form of new Microgaming developed online slot games. In fact, we think that in a few short months, the All Slots online casino mobile app will continue to become ever more popular, eventually becoming the main way that people play video slot games at All Slots.

If you have never played online slot games at All Slots, then you should really head on over and take advantage of the great welcome bonus, before taking an one of the great video slot games at All Slots for a spin, including Pure Platinum and Gold Factory.

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