Is Google Entering the Online Casino Market?

September 18, 2013

There have been dozens of rumors flying around in the last week or so, regarding the possible purchase of online gambling heavyweight Bwin, by the mighty Google. Alongside these rumors, industry pundits have been lauding this as the end of online gambling as we know it, as Google would likely dominate the online casino market. So here are our opinions on this.

Let’s look at the facts as we know them. We know that Google has been one of the lobbyists, trying to effect the legality of online gambling in the USA. We know that Google has had some form of discussion with Bwin, although there is no substantial truth to the rumor that this was a precursor to a possible acquisition of Bwin by Google.

So what we have, is a whole bunch of online gambling experts who have put two and two together and made five. Of course Google will want to lobby the USA to open up the local online gambling market. Google makes good revenue through advertising online casino sites, and the US market is the largest of them all.

Now we need to consider that Bwin is also trying to break in to the US online gambling market. They are also one of the largest online casino operators around. So doesn’t it make sense that two large companies, with common goals, might meet and discuss how they can work together to attain these goals? It does not necessarily mean the Google is looking to acquire Bwin. Indeed, if Google were looking to open an online casino, why would it bother buying out an existing one? It has the resources on tap to develop an online casino of its own from the ground up.

We also need to consider that Google has a history of working in specific markets, and it currently has no tertiary products that do not fit within its main verticals. Quite frankly, there is no reason to think that Google will ever enter the online gambling market, it doesn’t need to, and it surely would not want to deal with the legal headache.

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