Online Gambling Market Growth

September 15, 2013

Companies & Markets has just released a report that looks at the possible growth rate for the online gambling market from now until 2018. The report states that the online gambling market could grow as much as 28 percent between now and 2018. Currently, the entire online gambling market is worth around $110 billion, and the report predicts that we could see this figure grow to some $174 billion by 2018. But why?

Well, consider for a moment that online gambling, or more importantly the software platforms that online casino sites use to provide online gambling games to their customers, are entirely dependent upon the current level of computer technology. This covers everything from the actual hardware, to the operating system and web browser technology.

Online casino operators are never slow to take advantage of new tech as it becomes available, and the main online casino software developers always seem to deliver just a little more with each new release. Now consider how far personal computer technology has come in the last decade. It has come very far indeed.

Then we have the whole mobile technology situation. Even 5 years ago, we didn’t have ultra-fast mobile broadband internet, we didn’t have entirely capable mobile devices. We went from laptops, and the netbooks being the only mobile computing options, to being able to run fully blown software applications on a whole range of smartphones, and then tablets. These smartphones and tablets have become very powerful, very quickly, they have also become much cheaper in recent months. So it is no surprise that mobile gambling is now the hot ticket. Indeed, if the online gambling industry is to grow by 28 percent in the next five years, we would attribute much of this growth to mobile gambling, as almost every good online casino site now has a mobile gambling app of some description. We think within a few short years, mobile gambling will become the standard way that people play at an online casino, and the current trend of using a desktop PC or laptop to download the online casino software will be a thing of the past, everyone will be playing on their tablet.

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