A Simple Online Slots Strategy

March 28, 2013

Below we have come up with a very simple 3 stage strategy for getting the most out of online slot games, whilst having the greatest chance of winning some cash.

Stage 1 – Finding a Slot

In this stage we are going to be exploiting the free play option that most online casino site have. In free play mode, we are not using real casino coins to play out selection of video slots. So you are not going to lose any real money doing this. Check out the free play slots available at your online casino, and try out any that you like the look of. Keep trying different video slot games until you find one that you enjoy playing, and find easy to understand, one that you have a real feel for. You might like to try finding a few online slot games like this, ready for the next stage.

Stage 2 – Testing a Slot

Once you have your shortlist of online slot games you think might work out for you, after completing the free play stage, then we move on to actually trying these online slot games with real money. At this stage, you will be betting the minimum wager. By minimum wager, we mean the lowest coin size to play all available pay lines. Try each of your selected online slot games, and try and find one that you not only understand, but also that seems to pay out regularly. By the end of this stage you should have found at least one online slot game that you enjoy playing, find easy to understand, and that seems to pay out quite regularly. This/these online slot games will be your target slots, the ones you expect to win on.

Stage 3 – Ramping it Up

By this stage you have at least one easy to understand, fun to play, and high playing video slot game selected. If you have more than one, that is great, it means you can switch around when you get tired of one slot. Now we need to ramp things up. Raise your wager to a level that your bankroll can support, and start playing for real. If you find that one of your selections is not paying our as well as you though it would, feel free to drop it. You may even need to go back to stage 1 to find some replacement video slot games at some stage.

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