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The Apple Mac is a popular alternative for people who would rather not have a PC equipped with Microsoft Windows. However, as most Mac users will already know, this does mean that some software applications will not be accessible to them. Below we take a look at the options available to Mac users who would like to play online slots for free or real money.

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About Mac Online Casino Slots for Apple Users

The main challenge faced by Apple Mac users who would like to play video slots, is that most of the downloadable online casino software platforms are designed to be installed and run under Microsoft Windows. This means that unless the online casino operator has specifically developed a Mac version of their gaming platform, then it will not run. Mac users who have some technical ability may be able to get these Microsoft Windows application to run using a virtual machine, but overall this is a dead end unless you possess the technical skills to set up a virtual Microsoft Windows machine on an Apple Mac.

The good news is that almost every major online casino operators has begun to offer all of its most popular video slots as instant play slots in recent years. These are usually Flash slots, developed using Adobe Flash, and all you need to play this is a web browser which supports Adobe Flash, either with compatibility built in, or by installing the free Adobe Flash player. Several online casino operators are also beginning to deploy online slots developed using plain HTML5 and CSS, and these require no additional software apart from a HTML5 and CSS equipped web browser, which Apple Safari is straight out of the box. Although these video slots are few and far between at the moment.

Instant play slots are as feature rich as the downloadable versions, with the same graphics and sound and the same gameplay features. In the most part, you cannot tell the difference between Flash slots and a downloaded, installable slot. Indeed, many downloadable casino software platforms are actually based upon Adobe Flash.

So although Apple Mac users are a little restricted, in so far as they will need to either find an online casino which has developed a special Mac compatible version of its gaming platform, or makes instant play Flash slots available, there is still a very wide range of online casinos for Mac users to choose from.

Pros to Mac Compatible Slots:

  • You can usually play the same online slots as Microsoft Windows users
  • You may not need to download and install any software
  • The Apple Mac is equipped to play Flash slots out of the box

Cons to Mac Compatible Slots:

  • A handful of online casinos do not offer instant play slots
  • Many casinos do not provide a Mac specific version of their software
  • Some casinos offer neither Mac software or instant play Flash slots