Progressive Jackpot Slots Games

A couple decades ago slots manufacturers began incorporating advanced microprocessors to their slots games. Included in these new advancements in slot machines was the idea of progressive jackpots. The idea behind progressives is that a percentage of each bet placed would add up to the total jackpot prize.

The biggest advancement to progressive slots came about in 1986 when world renowned slots manufacturer IGT (International Gaming Technologies) introduced the first multi-site linked progressive slots game called Megabucks™. The fact that these machines were all linked to a single progressive jackpot meant that really huge prizes would accumulate as players from around the country were "donating" to the jackpot fund.

Progressive jackpots have become common casino games both to online and land-based casinos. The first big linked progressive online was Cash Splash, which now routinely pays out over $1,000,000 jackpots on a monthly basis.

How Progressive Slots Work

Each time you play a progressive game, a percentage of your bet goes instantly to the progressive pot. On average, progressives have a lower payout percentage than standard slots but the prizes are so much bigger they're worth playing.

Example: if a progressive automatically takes 5% of your bet and adds it toward the jackpot, then the payout has to be less than 95%. Take off a few extra percentage points for the casinos profits and you end up with less than a 90% payout. (Note: These numbers are just an example and will vary widely).

Playing Tips for Progressive Slot Machines

Make sure to always play maximum coins on progressive games. You'd never forgive yourself if you missed out on collecting a top jackpot because you didn't bet the maximum number of coins. If you want to play one coin at a time in order to stretch your playing session, don’t choose a progressive slot. Playing progressive machines means you have to bet maximum coins every spin.

There would be nothing worse than winning $1000 when you could have won millions for just one extra dollar or quarter bet. If playing at a land-based casino, always make sure that all coins have registered before playing. Online, always hit the bet max button and you should not have a problem.

Are They Worth Playing?

Statistics have shown that progressive games have lower payouts than non-progressives, so we'd recommend that you only put a portion of your bankroll towards your progressive game play entertainment. If luck strikes, you may have a life-changing jackpot, if not, then at least you have some cash left to play on slots with higher payouts.

The thing you really have to keep in mind is that playing slots should be for entertainment purposes and nothing else.

Are There Different Types of Progressive?

There are a couple different types of progressive slot machines. A better understanding of each will help you pick the one that’s most advantageous to play. Be sure to look around. All land-based casinos, and most online casinos, feature several types of progressive slots.

  • Individual Progressives - This type of slot machine is self-contained, it doesn't receive any jackpot contributions from other jackpot / progressive machines.
  • Linked Progressives - Linked progressive are groups or machines that are tied into each other. All contribute to one common jackpot.
  • Multi-Location - Multi-Location progressives are the ones that people dream about. These consist of banks of several hundred machines located in many different casinos that all contribute to one giant pot of gold. Your odds of winning those millions are about the same as your odds are for winning the lottery. But then again someone always wins.

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