Problem Gambling - Resources and Information For Gambling Addicts

Problem gambling is a big problem not only in North America but throughout the world. The compulsion of gambling can become overwhelming to some and difficult to step away from. Often times problem gambling is defined by whether any harm is experienced by the gambler or others instead of by the gamblers behavior. In extreme cases problem gambling can be diagnosed as pathological gambling should the gambler meet certain criteria. Pathological gambling is considered to be an impulse control disorder and has been deemed as such by the American Phycological Association rather than an addition.

If you, your loved ones or friends are experiencing any of the following it's suggested that help be sought sooner than later:

  1. Preoccupation - Frequent thoughts about gambling experiences, past, present or future are experienced regularly.
  2. Tolerance - Similar to drug tolerance it becomes a necessity to place lager wagers or wager more often to experience the same rush.
  3. Withdrawal - Experiencing restlessness or irritability with any attempts to slow down the amount of gambling or stop outright.
  4. Escape - Using gambling as a means to escape life problems or to improve the gamblers mood.
  5. Chasing - Trying to recover losses incurred gambling by continuing to gamble and in most cases gamble more.
  6. Lying - Hiding the extent of gambling by lying to family, friends, etc...
  7. Loss of control - Trying to reduce gambling with a failed attempts.
  8. Illegal Acts - Breaking the law to recover losses incurred by gambling this may include but is not limited to theft, fraud or forgery.
  9. Risked significant relationship - Gambling despite the risk of loosing a relationship such as a job or other big opportunity.
  10. Bailout - Turning to friends, family or other third party for assistance financially as a result of gambling.
In the event you or someone you know and love or are friends with experience any of these problems it's advised that help be sought after immediately. There are many places to turn to and here at 777 Online Slots we don't want to see people caught up in problem gambling and would like to suggest the following options for help:

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