An Epic Online Slot From NetEnt

May 5, 2017

Power is something that most people seek. Some use sheer strength to get what they want, others resort to magical objects. Warlords Crystals of Power is an epic saga of contenders who use both. It is an online slot game from NetEnt that is available on both the desktop and mobile gaming platforms. Given the detailing in the stunning visuals, playing on the larger screens of the desktops is preferable. You can play Warlords Crystals of Power at online casinos like InterCasino.

The three warlords from different regions of the world are the Samurai, the Priestess and the Barbarian. Each wants to subdue the other two to get control of the world. Each warlord is accompanied by a beast and owns a crystal set in an exotic mask. The Samurai is with the wolf and red crystal. The Priestess has the panther and green crystal. The Barbarian is accompanied by the wild boar and owns blue crystal. In the slot game the warlords appear as expanded symbols. The set of three crystals is the wild symbol and it also awards the highest line payouts.

During any main game spin you may be randomly awarded an Overlay Wild feature based on the weapon of one of the warlords. The Barbarian Hammer feature awards four wild symbols arranged in the shape of a square on reels 1 to 4. The Priestess Arrow feature awards 2 to 5 wilds on any reels. The Samurai Sword feature awards 2 to 5 wilds on reels 1 to 4.

Each warlord also has their own scatter symbol that triggers that warlord’s free spins feature. The Barbarian awards 9 free spins with only the warlord and animal symbols on the reels. The Priestess awards 7 free spins in which each scatter symbol increases the multiplier by 1x. The Samurai awards only 5 free spins, but the smaller number is made up by the scatter symbols become sticky wilds.

When you land two or more scatter symbols on the reels in a main game spin you get to play a re-spins feature. If all the scatters belong to the same warlord then the re-spins will trigger immediately. If the scatters belong to different warlords then a battle takes place to decide which of the warlords will prevail. All the scatters will transform to that of the winning warlord. In the re-spins feature if you land additional scatters of that warlord then that warlord’s free spins will be triggered.

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