Augment Winnings with Skrill

March 22, 2013

Let’s face it, if there is one thing that all of us online gambling fans need it is extra casino funds! Whether you are into online slot, or head to head online poker play, you need a bankroll. Finding additional ways to boost this bankroll should always be a top priority for anyone who takes their online gambling seriously. How many hours have we all spent checking out the current promotions at our favorite online casino sites to decide which is the best for the current week? How often have we made a minimum deposit for a chance to play in a free slots tournament, so that we might grab some extra cash to play with as a result?

Well, we have just heard of something very interesting that Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), a payment gateway available upon most online casino sites, is going to start doing very shortly. It seems that Skrill is singing a deal with Initial Rewards, to set up its own VIP loyalty rewards scheme! This will mean that every time an online gambling fan deposits funds into their online casino account using Skrill, they will earn loyalty points! Skrill has not yet released details of just how these loyalty points can be spent, or how much they are worth, so we will need to come back with another post about this at some future date.

However, extra free cash, even if it is in the form of VIP reward points, is always good news, and Initial Rewards are a reputable company that operates the rewards scheme for many online gambling sites already, so this is a truly synergistic event. Good news all around, for those of us who prefer to use Skrill to fund our online casino accounts, extra VIP rewards scheme points from Skrill!

Whilst on the subject of making and online casino deposit, we also need to tell you about the new Skrill Paysafecard. This acts very much like a debit card, but uses Skrill balance. This is a very safe way to deposit funds into an online gambling site, and the Paysafecard will also be eligible for the same VIP rewards scheme points with Skrill, a truly win win situation! So keep an eye on Skrill in the coming weeks, and be sure to apply for the Paysafecard when it becomes available in your country.

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