Becoming an Online Slots Pro Part 2 – Learning the Ropes

December 28, 2011

Last week we started off this series of three articles aimed at people who would like to be pro slots players with an introduction to finding the right online casino and maximizing bankroll by intelligently choosing the right signup bonus. In this second article we will explain the importance of learning the game.

Becoming a Pro – Learning the Ropes

If you acted upon last week’s advice, then you have already begun to start looking for one or more online casinos which offer the right kind of sing up bonus, and have a good reputation. Now there is one further consideration.

Most well established, reputable online casino operators will have settled upon one of the big four online slots platform providers to bring the best online slots to their customers. These providers are Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Cryptologic and Playtech. Each of these gaming platform developers make their entire range of online slots available to every online casino which signs a contract with them. What this means is that for example, every online casino which chooses Microgaming as its online slots platform, will have all of the same online slots, and participate in all of the same progressive jackpot networks, as every other online casino which chose Microgaming. This is a good thing for the pro slots player. It means they only need to learn a single selection of online slots.

Best advice would be to choose one platform, and then stick to online slots casinos which use that platform. Additionally, focus attention upon a narrow range of actual online slots.

As with any job, you need to learn the skills to perform the daily tasks which make up the job. For a pro slots player this means learning how certain machines work, and at an advanced level. A pro slots player knows the online slots they play inside out. Keeping the selection played to a minimum allows them to accrue this kind of knowledge.

As a new pro online slots player you are going to need to invest in some training. By this we mean you are going to need to play live slots and learn how they work. Not play money, real money. So set aside a budget to be used as your learning stake. The idea is to use this cash to play the online slots you will be targeting as your potential profit games. Don’t worry about trying to make a profit whilst learning your chosen online slots, use your learning capital to find out exactly how the games work.

Drop by next week for the third and final part of this short series on becoming an online slots pro, where we tie it all together and present a strategy for beginning on a career as a professional online slots player.

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