Branded Slasher Online Slots

November 9, 2017

Slasher is a popular genre of film. It refers to stories based on psychotic killings. The intent is to create suspense and scare the viewers. There have been several slasher movies, but two have stood the test of time. Online casino games suppliers have developed branded slots that do full justice to the movies.

Psycho made by Alfred Hitchcock, known as the master of suspense, in 1960 perhaps started the slasher genre. NextGen Gaming has a branded slot game titled Psycho in its portfolio. Marion Crane embezzles cash from her office and lodges for the stormy night at Bates Motel. The psychotic owner Norman, spies on her while she is in the shower and fatally slashes her. Marion’s sister arrives on the scene and the plot moves ahead. The symbols are taken from the plot and include Marion Crane, the embezzled cash, Norman Bates, his house, Room No. 1 of the motel, the keyhole and the shower. The low value symbols are slashed up playing card icons. The shower is the wild symbol and can multiply payouts up to 20x. The Bates house triggers up to 20 free spins. The free spins reels have more wild symbols and the payout multiplier can be as high as 40x. Psycho also has the optional gamble feature.

Halloween was a slasher film released in 1978 and Microgaming has created a branded slot game based on it. The story begins in the Halloween of 1963. The six years old Michael Myers murders his sister and runs away. Fifteen years later, he returns and continues his killing spree. This movie gave birth to the Halloween franchise, with 10 films in total released to date. The high paying symbols are characters from the movie and the low paying symbols are murder weapons. The wild symbol is the classic film poster. Video clips from the movie take the place of win animations. The highlight of Halloween slot game is the Wandering Reels feature. A group of three reels having four rows spin together and can stop in any of three positions. The normal reels have only three rows. These Wandering Reels can have Jumbo Blocks 3x4 size of the high paying character symbols. Bonus features are awarded through the Trick or Treat Wheel. You keep on spinning the wheel for bonus amounts until you trigger a special bonus feature. In the Boogeyman Bonus you pick leaves to reveal cash prizes with increasing multipliers till the slasher ends your game. The other special bonus is a free spins feature.

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