Diversify to Win

June 8, 2012

It is quite surprising how many people seem to stick to a single online casino when they are playing online slots. Although this might make things easier, it is certainly not the best way to ensure you have the best chance at winning whilst playing online slots. Below we take a look at the reason why players should use multiple online casinos.

More bonuses – New player or welcome bonuses are usually pretty generous, but they are a one shot deal. By signing up with a few online casinos the video slot player can grab a much larger chunk of free funds.

More jackpots – If you are the kind of online slot player who likes to chase the big progressive jackpots, then signing up with multiple casinos, each of which operates a separate progressive jackpot network, means that if one big jackpot drops, you still have plenty more video slots to play which will have a large pool already built up.

Free tournaments – Most online casino providers will run at least one free online slot tournament each month. The eligibility for these tournaments is usually pretty low, in the region of a $25 deposit. These tournaments can be a great way to win a little extra playing funds. Sure, you won’t get rich playing them, but you should win a decent amount from time to time.

More fun – If you choose several online casinos which operate using different online slots platforms, then you will have access to a much wider range of video slots to play. If you get bored of your favorite video slot, you should have no problems finding another to replace it.

Better bonuses – All casino promotions are not equal. You may find your chosen online casino has a great promo one month and a pretty shabby one the next. The more online casinos you play at, the higher the chances of at least one of them running a big promotion each month.

Better protection – It is a sad fact that from time to time online casinos disappear. When they do they usually close down owing their players cash. By playing at several online casinos you limit your exposure to ending up in this kind of total loss situation.

So there we have it, some very compelling reasons to start playing at a wider range of online casinos, instead of sticking to a single one.

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