Finding the Best Welcome Bonus

September 26, 2012

When it comes to playing online slots at pay to play online casino sites, then it's all about the bankroll. Your bankroll is what keeps you in the game, when your bankroll runs dry; you need to stop playing online slots. Basically, online gambling takes real-world money, when this money runs out you can no longer play. So it is vitally important that you do everything you can to extend your bankroll. One of the best ways of extending your bankroll for free is to take advantage of the welcome bonus which most online casino sites offer.

Online casino sites offer two basic forms of welcome bonus. Firstly, there are free spin bonuses. These do exactly as the name suggests, they give the new player a number of free spins. Secondly, on the one we are most interested in, is the deposit bonus. Deposit bonus is a special kind of welcome bonus which offers to match the funds a player makes as a first deposit. In many cases this will be a 200%, 300% or even higher matching amount, so this can turn a small starting stake into a very healthy bankroll.

However, finding the best welcome bonus can be tricky, as many of the smaller online casino operators will offer an impressive welcome bonus, in the form of a very high percentage deposit bonus, and then fail to offer monthly casino promotions on par with the larger online casino sites.

So finding the best welcome bonus is a matter of juggling two priorities. Firstly, you want to find the best deposit bonus possible. Secondly, you need to find an online casino which has regular, and generous monthly casino promotions. Usually, this means settling on one of the larger online casino sites. The reason for this is that they may offer a slightly lower percentage as a welcome bonus, but they will offer far greater cash rewards as part of their monthly promotions scheme. So the lesson here is not to be tempted by promises of a huge deposit bonus on sign up, but instead take the long term view, and work out the true value of the first deposit bonus, combined with the monthly casino promotions, before you decide which online casino to play. This will ensure you enjoy playing online slots to the fullest.

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