Hall Of Gods Norse Mythology Slot

November 15, 2018

Symbols in online slots based on history or mythology often have deep significance. You can play the slot games even if you cannot relate to them, but your enjoyment will be greater if you understand the symbols. Hall of Gods from the online casino games supplier NetEnt is one such slot game. It is based on Norse mythology, which is full of iconic characters and symbols. The knowledge base begins from the name Hall of Gods. This hall, also known as Valhalla, is the place that all Viking warriors that die valorously in battle go to for a feast that lasts forever.

The high paying symbols are the main Norse gods. NetEnt identifies them by name, which is helpful to players not familiar with the topic. The highest payouts are rightly awarded by Odin who is the king of the Norse gods. Odin disgorged one of his eyes to attain knowledge, so he is depicted with only one eye. Thor who is Odin’s son can be recognised by his red hair. He is regarded as the protector of Asgard, which is the home of the gods. The Norse pantheon has some goddesses as well. Freya is one of them. She is associated with love and fertility. Loki who is Odin’s half-brother always creates trouble for the gods. The final symbol is Idun, the goddess that can bestow immortality on the other gods by preventing them from aging.

The low paying symbols are the iconic items of the Norse gods represented in this slot game. Draupnir is Odin’s golden magic ring, which produces eight replicas of itself every night. Thor’s weapon is a hammer named Mjollnir. It never misses its mark and always returns to Thor. Brisings is the shining necklace belonging to Freya. Idun’s icon is a wooden box. The box contained apples. Whenever any of the gods began to age, she would give them an apple to restore their youth.

The wild symbol is Jormungundr, the serpent. The Norse believed that this serpent circles the Norse universe and plays an active role in ending the world. The wild symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 but expands across the reel with a fascinating animation if winning combinations are possible. Another representation of Thor’s hammer is the bonus symbol. It triggers the bonus game in which it is possible to win one of four progressive jackpots. Odin had a pair of ravens named Huginn and Muninn that acted as his spies. They trigger the free spins feature.

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