How to Learn New Slots

March 16, 2013

Even if you play at a single online casino site, especially if it is one of the larger ones, then you are probably being offered several new online slot games to try each month. Online casino operators usually launch every new slot that is developed by their chosen online gambling platform provider. Unfortunately, online gambling can get expensive if you use large chunks of your online casino balance to learn these new video slot games. So below are some tips designed to help people find the cheapest way possible to learn these new online slots.

Exploit free to play options – most online casino sites make many of their online slot games available in free to play mode. Everything works the same, except the coins you wager are just pretend money. Learning new video slot games in free to play mode is the cheapest way of all! What happens if your chosen online casino doesn’t have the new slot available in free to play format? Simply find an online casino that does, register and get practicing!

Bet the minimum wager – the truly blockbuster video slot launches are usually not made available in free to play format at first. This makes sense; both the slot developer and the online casino operator want to cash in on the launch. However, most online slot games have a very low minimum wager. Betting the minimum wager ensures that you spend the least casino coins whilst learning a new online slot game.

Play fewer lines – if you are just trying to get a feel for the machine, how the symbols spin in, the frequency that wilds, scatter etc. occur, then just play a single line. Combine this with the minimum wager tip above and this is the cheapest way to learn a new video slot game. The downside is, don’t expect to win much whilst you are playing like this, a single line vastly reduces your chances of spinning in a win obviously.

Online gambling needs to be fun, and losing a pile of casino coins whilst learning a new video slot game can be a frustrating event. Follow these tips above to make learning every new online slot a cheap, fun and easy to do thing. Good luck, let’s hope you hit some winning spins once you play for real and up the stakes!

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