Instant Play a Step Backwards?

June 1, 2012

It seems every online casino operator is currently trying to jump on both the instant play and mobile slots bandwagon. Whilst many see this as a good thing, we would like to put forth the notion that this current trend is stifling innovation in video slots development.

Walk in to any Vegas casino and check out the slots, they are all amazingly well developed, using cutting edge computer graphics and sound to deliver a start of the art slots experience. Take a look at any modern computer game, see those amazing computer graphics? The kind of computer graphics that we online slots fans would love to experience we are sure.

However, the problem is that instant play slots, especially flash slots, are quite limited in the level of technology they can actually use. This is also true of mobile slots, which usually share the same technologies. So by concentrating on instant play and mobile slots, developers are unable to deliver the same presentation as Vegas slots, which would be entirely possible if they stuck to developing downloadable casino applications.

Now let’s take a look at a few myths which online casino operators like to propagate in order to push instant play slots.

We cannot produce a downloadable application for Mac, PC and Linux – Rubbish, cross platform development is very simple these days, using the correct development environment a single application is developed and then compiled for each specific platform.

Mobile devices cannot handle advanced graphics – Take a look at Diablo III, just launched by Blizzard, running on the Apple iPhone and then realize that this statement is entirely false.

Instant play slots avoid large downloads – I think the largest casino software download we have ever seen was around 200Mb. Using todays modern internet connections this takes just a couple of minutes to download.

On the flip side, developing instant play slots is a lot cheaper for online casino software providers. This makes new video slots cheaper to license, which means more profit for the online casinos themselves.

Meanwhile, we slots lovers are paying the price, by settling for a reduced gaming experience, dumbed down to fit the instant play and mobile slots format currently provided by online casinos. We are missing out on a level of computer graphics and sound which other gaming niches demand.

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