Is Online Gambling Respectable?

June 22, 2012

Look back just a few short years and you will find that online gambling was generally deemed to be something shady, something risky, and something which most major governments were keen to limit either entirely, or as much as possible within their borders. This stringent online gambling legislation in countries such as the UK and USA lead many online casino operators to incorporate and operate their companies offshore, which in effect, simply added to the bad reputation of online gambling.

Fast forward to the present day and things are beginning to slowly change. The UK, USA, Ireland and Italy have all taken major steps towards making changes to online gambling law, and online gambling tax, which opens up entirely new arenas for online casino operators. Just last week Bally Technologies was recommended for the first ever online gambling license in the USA by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, and this should be an indication of the high possibility that the entire USA will soon relax online gambling legislation in order to reap the benefits of online gambling tax revenue in individual states.

Both the UK and Ireland have also recently revised online gambling tax, and have also begun to take a closer look at online gambling law, with a view to opening up online gambling legislation, making it easier for online casino operators to work in these countries. Italy is also undertaking a somewhat similar review of its stance on online gambling.

So we ask the question, whether in the model global online marketplace, that online gambling is finally shedding its shady image, and beginning to be recognized as simply an online version of real world casinos which have been in existence for more than a century? Although we can understand the stigma attached to online gambling and online casinos based upon the numerous problems which arose in the past with offshore online casino operators going bankrupt and leaving players out of pocket. But this situation has changed, we cannot remember the last time an online casino closed down in such a fashion, and it does appear that major world governments are beginning to wake up to the fact that online gambling is now a mature and responsible industry, populated by genuinely respected companies including massive international concerns such as Virgin Online Casino. We predict that with the year, we will see online gambling entirely legalized in most countries.

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