Never Save Your Login Details

September 19, 2012

When it comes to computer security, most people who work as computer security specialists agree that the single point of risk, which is more likely to cause problems than any other, is the area of usernames and passwords.

Most online casino sites offer online gambling fans a small tick box, usually title “Remember Me” or something similar, which allows them to store their username and password so that it does not need to be entered every time the player visits the online casino site. However, as online gambling revolves around real cash, we think it is a terrible idea to store user date this way, and we explain why.

What happens if you have to step away from your PC for a while? Anyone is free to walk up to it and use it. In some situations, like your own home, this may not be such a large computer security risk, or is it? How many strangers do you let in to your home? What happens if you are burgled? Storing your username and password at your favorite online casino site adds to the risks involved in online gambling significantly.

This is even more of a problem for people who play their favorite online slots in a web browser. Ok consider this a moment. Most modern browsers allow you to sync your browser data across multiple computers. So what happens when you pop in to an internet café to check your email, log in using your browser account, which will automatically sync in the background, and then forget to log out before you leave? You guessed it; the next person who uses that PC will have full access to your online casino account. This is one of the most common computer security breaches.

How about laptops, notebooks and portable computing devices such as the Apple iPad? Thousands of these are lost or stolen each day. What happens if the thief is able to take your laptop home, log in, and then access your online casino account because you have stored the username and password? You will end up losing far more than just the laptop in this situation.

It takes just a couple of seconds to type in your username and password each time you visit an online casino, so don’t take the risk of storing your username and password.

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