On-line Slots Tips

December 8, 2011

Most people new to on-line gambling tend to think that playing on-line slots is simple. Just deposit some coins and start spinning, if you are lucky you will win, if not you will lose. Although this is fundamentally true, the situation is a little more complicated. If you want to play on-line slots well, then these tips will help you.

1. Preparation is important – Before you play on-line slots, you need to take a little time to familiarize yourself with the on-line slot you are intending to play. Use the help button to learn the features of the game, and how wagers work.

2. Consider playing the maximum number of lines – Most on-line slots can pay out on up to 5 lines. Ask any player who has spun in a major win on a line they are not playing how disappointing it can be.

3. You do not need to always place the maximum bet – Many people who play on-line slots will tell you to always place the maximum bet. This may have been good advice several years ago, but bets are much larger now. Modern on-line slots games allow you to bet different amounts on different lines. If you bet the maximum across every line, this can become extremely expensive, even when playing low stakes games.

4. Learn what the word bonus means – One of the main mistakes newcomers who play on-line slots make, is to chase the bonus feature. Whilst most bonus features are fun, and do tend to pay out well, they are not intended to be the major cash fountain. Chase the jackpot, treat the bonus feature as it is intended to be… a bonus.

5. Remember to smile – This is a very important on-line slots tip. Playing on-line slots is about having fun. Just look at the amazing graphics, listen to the compelling soundtrack and enjoy the mesmerizing flashing lights. You are being sold entertainment; if you want serious gambling then go join a poker room instead. Every slot has a payout of less than 100%; you WILL lose over time, so enjoy playing the slot while your bankroll lasts.

So there you have it, five useful on-line slots tips that will not only help you in playing on-line slots, but will hopefully enable you to make your bankroll stretch further. Take tip five to heart, remember to have fun, and do not take those losing streaks to heart.

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