Online Slots Games and Progress in Gaming

December 6, 2011

Since the inception of online casinos and the development of the very first online slots games there has been an immense amount of progress in the area of slots games development. Slots games available for play online are not longer boring games limited comparatively to that of slots games found in land based casinos. Big land based gaming companies like IGT, WMS and Bally have their work cut out for them should they make the move into online gaming territory when more regulated markets for online gambling develop.

More and more slots developers both online and offline continue to push the envelope when it comes to video slots game as a result of the widespread attraction to these games vs. three reel slots. If you're familiar with both types of games and are an avid slots player then you know that eventually the 3 reel slots games no longer cut it and we as players look for more entertaining and engaging ways to spend our gambling dollars. Video slots are by far a more interactive and engaging way to play slots and are only gaining in popularity.

Online casino software companies such as Microgaming are on the forefront of interactive slots games and for the past 5 years have been developing the most interactive, compelling and engaging online slots games. With a library of over 500 games they continue to push out some of the best video slots games available online. Overall their slots excel over other companies who specialize in online slots development and specifically in areas of graphics, sounds, bonus rounds and free spins features and prizes. Having a good balance of these variables makes for great games that are fun to play for extended periods of time. The one thing that we really like about Microgaming slots games is the fact they tend to follow a story line which we as players can really relate to on some level and if not it's still engaging and fun to play them. Aside from great slots games overall Microgaming offers a selection of branded online slots games including Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings which is likely one of the best games they've ever developed. The heightened level of interactivity and ambiance in this game has not been matched in our view by any other software provider out there and is definitely worthy of trying out.

Other software gaming companies that offer compelling online slots games that are worth playing at include Playtech who would likely fit into our second favorite provider of online slots. This would be followed by Realtime Gaming slots which although are not the most interactive offer great prizes and progressive features within most slots games.

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