Skrill Under Scrutiny

September 5, 2012

A couple of years back the best payment processor which people who wanted to participate in online gambling at an online casino could use was PayPal, hands down no competition. PayPal was great for both deposits to an online casino, and withdrawing funds to a bank account. Unfortunately, last year PayPal decided that online gambling companies and their clients were causing too many headaches, and in most countries PayPal changed the terms of service to make state that PayPal could not be used for any transactions that were related to online gambling. This caused a major headache for most online casino sites, and an even larger headache for online gamblers who now needed to find another payment processor.

There were a couple of viable options back then, both Neteller and Moneybookers were very similar to PayPal and allowed customers to fund online casino sites. However, both of these payment processors had a few problems that made them less than perfect. Neteller was notoriously meticulous about who it let sign up and use its service, and Moneybookers was a pretty complicated site to use, mostly because of the advanced security features. Moneybookers also set very low payment and withdrawal limits for new accounts until both the bank account and address of the customer had been verified. This was how things remained up until a few weeks back, when Moneybookers rebranded itself to Skrill, and changed the way it operates. So how good is Skrill as a payment processor for online gambling these days?

Well, quite frankly, Skrill is just Moneybookers by a different name, and with a much more Web 2.0 feel to its newly redeveloped website. Underneath, the service is the same, although this is no bad thing, Moneybookers, which is now Skrill was always a great payment processor, it was just difficult to use. Now it has been re-launched as Skrill, the entire website has been redesigned, and it is much more intuitive to use. Behind the scenes everything is still the same, so this means great security and low transaction costs.

However, there is one major disadvantage to using Skrill as a payment processor, and this is that Skrill refuses to become involved in merchant disputes. This means that if you make a purchase, which turns out to be a scam, or of bad quality, then you cannot expect Skrill to allow you to make a chargeback.

Overall, Skrill, which was formerly Moneybookers, is a great payment processor to use for funding an online casino account and other online gambling purposes.

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