The Best Hercules Themed Video Slot

November 23, 2017

Hercules is by far the most popular of the ancient Greek heroes. There are quite a few online slot games based on his exploits. The best among them is Prince of Olympus from the Playtech Age of the Gods series. Hercules was the mortal son of Zeus, the king of the gods who ruled from Mount Olympus. Hence he is referred to as the Prince of Olympus. Players who are not familiar with the legend of Hercules will nevertheless enjoy the video slot for its gaming features. But those who have some familiarity with the saga will find references to his exploits in the symbols and bonus features.

The tales of Hercules revolve around the twelve labours that he was forced to undertake and the more popular of these appear as symbols on the reels. One of the tasks was slaying the Nemean Lion, after which Hercules wore the carcass of the beast. This is the wild symbol in the slot game. The top line payout is awarded by the three-headed dog Cerberus, which was captured by Hercules in his final labour. Another well-known labour was recovering the three golden apples from the garden of Hesperides. The set of golden apples appears as another symbol. Hercules is mostly depicted wearing a broad belt and carrying a huge club. These are also symbols.

Hercules was known for his strength and this is reflected in the Herculean Strength feature. When the wild symbol appears on the centre of reel 3, it expands to cover the reel and awards two re-spins with reel 3 locked. If the wild symbol appears anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 then all three reels become expanding wilds and you get 1 re-spin with the three central reels locked.

Slaying the nine-headed hydra was another labour of Hercules and this task is depicted in the Hydra Bonus feature. This bonus game on the second screen is triggered when the hydra symbol lands on reels 1 and 5 at the same time. You shoot arrows at the hydra’s heads and win cash prizes. If you can slash the hydra you win a payout multiplier. If you are lucky then the Hercules Rage feature may randomly trigger. All the nine heads of the hydra will be destroyed awarding the bonuses for all of them.

The Hercules logo awards scatter payouts and triggers 10 free spins in which all payouts are multiplied three times. The free spins can be retriggered. Prince of Olympus is network to the Age of the Gods progressive jackpot. Players at Playtech online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino will realise that this video slot uses the same slots engine as The Hulk.

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