The End of Pay Lines?

September 1, 2012

Back when slots were first invented, they had three reels, and a single pay lien ruining across the center. Fast forward around 50 years and slots, both video slots and real world slots can often have as many as 50 pay lines. The number of pay lines only being limited by the number of reels, and the number of visible symbols on each reel, and this has been the norm for the last couple of decades. However, recently some of the top online slots developers such as Playtech, Net Entertainment and Playtech have all launched new video slots games, which do away with the usual idea of pay lines, and instead offer a constant fixed number of ways to win.

How does this fixed win scenario work? Well it depends upon the number of reel symbols visible, and the number of reels available. For example, let us say a video slot has 3 reels, each showing 3 symbols. This would give a staggering 243 possible ways for wins to be accumulated, working left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top. As long as symbols, which make up wins are next to each other in any of these possible 243 combinations, then it counts as a win. Pretty cool stuff!

Aside from the fact that online slot players get a greater chance of spinning in a win with this fixed ways to win slots, there is another additional benefit, and this has to do with wagering. Because there are now pay lines to open up by adding them, which almost always adds to the wagering requirement, these online slots offer many ways to win, at a vastly reduced cost per spin, which is also pretty darn cool for those of us who enjoy playing at minimum wager!

If you have never tried this new type of video slots, and have only ever playing online slots with the traditional type of pay lines, then you should give them a try, they offer a much more streamlined, simplified gameplay and pay out just as well as traditional slots do. Whichever online casino you enjoy playing at, it is more than likely that it offers at least a few of these slots from Net Entertainment, Cryptologic or Microgaming, so why not give them a try?

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