The Growth of Online Gambling

March 7, 2013

People love to gamble, there is something totally addictive about risking something, on the premise of possibly winning back far more than was originally risked. People gamble in many ways, playing parts of their lives off against others, in the careers, home life, in almost every aspect of their day to day lives. Gambling is basically, part of being human. So it is no surprise that online gambling is now a major international industry, bringing in billions of dollars in revenue each year.

Go back just a coup of decades, and if you wanted to do some real gambling, you had to head off to somewhere like Las Vegas, where gambling was not only legal, it was positively encouraged! However, the Internet made online gambling possible. This meant that people could sit in the comfort of their own home, playing online poker, online slots and a whole range of casino table games.

Unfortunately, until recently, online gambling was actually illegal in many places. However, these restrictions are actually quite simple to get around, even if the country you live in has actually blocked online casino sites to stop online gambling taking place. Just look at how many people sitting behind the Great Firewall of China still get into online gambling every day!

Online poker probably did more for online gambling than any other online casino game. Indeed, online poker is still the most popular form of online gambling, followed closely by video slot games. Online poker allows people to play head to head, at a virtual poker table, where online poker skill can affect the odds of winning.

On the flip side, online slot games require little skill; they are the digital equivalent of the slot machines we have been playing in casinos, clubs and bars for decades. Video slot players tend to be less serious about their online gambling than online poker players, they are in it for fun, with the possibility of a large progressive payout. Not in it to grind profit as many online poker players are.

As the world begins to ease up on online gambling laws, we think that online casino sites will be visited by a major portion of the public at some time or another in the next few years. Online gambling can be a fun, inexpensive hobby, as long as people do not get carried away!

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