The Perfect Online Slot

April 27, 2012

We review lots of online slots, and this means we also have to play a lot of online slots. This also means that we get to see a lot of gameplay features from a whole range on online slot developers. So we thought it might be quite a cool idea to put some ideas together, based on our deep knowledge of online slots, to build the perfect video slot.

Let’s talk about the graphics and sound first. Sure, 3D animations are cool, and a loud soundtrack can be quite fun, at least for a while until it becomes boring and repetitive. But some slots go way of the top. Soundtrack should be music and effects, and both should be able to be switched off or have the volume adjusted independently. Graphically, we would like to see more use made of reel animations; by this we mean the actual movement of the reels.

5 reels with 25 pay lines sounds good, with a maximum bet of around 250 coins if all lines are played at the maximum number of coins.

Wild symbols are easy, let’s go with the traditional way that wild symbols work, but with a difference. If two or more wild symbols spin in, then all wild symbols to the left of the last wild symbol turn into megawilds. So if a wild symbol drops in on reel one, and a wild symbol drops in on reel three, the one on reel one becomes a megawild.

Scatter symbols are a bit different. We want to see more free spins. What we propose is that many more scatter symbols are added to the reels, but only award very few free spins, maybe one or two. So often the player would get three scatter symbols awarding one free spin, each additional scatter symbol would add one more free spin.

We want a progressive jackpot, but let’s make this a very rare feature. Basically, give us a standard online slot, but with a progressive jackpot in the background, which is not intended to be the main reason to play the slot.

Bonus features should be less distracting, certainly not a full blown side game. They should also not take more than around 10-15 seconds to complete, so we get back to the reels quickly.

We think that sums things up, this is the perfect online slot for us, and there are a few slots around that already contain one or more of these features, we just want to bring them all together.

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