Types of Online Slots

June 14, 2012

When it comes to online slots, all is not equal. Depending upon the video slot developer which created the game, and the online casino you are playing at, the experience and features can vary greatly. There are three main types of online slot games, progressive slots, themed slots and classic slots, we take a look at the pros and cons of each below.

Progressive slots – These are the big pay out video slots, the kind which can make an overnight millionaire of a player. Every online casino has a selection of progressive slot games to play, and depending upon the size of the online casino, the jackpot pools can reach $5,000,000 or more. Pros: You can become seriously rich playing progressive slot games. Every month people win millions of dollars playing popular progressive slots such as Beach Life and Mega Fortune. Cons: They can be expensive to play, if you want to win millions, then you need to make a sufficient gamble. They can also be quite limited in features, people play progressive video slots to win big money, not simply for fun.

Classic slots – Every online casino has classic video slot games available. These are very similar to the old one armed bandits and fruit machines of decades ago. They come with very limited feature sets, but the play is fast and wild. If you ever played a one armed bandit or fruit machine in your youth, then you will instantly recognize the heritage of classic slot games. Pros: Classic video slot games are very easy to learn to play, a classic slot has a much smaller feature set than other online slots, which means no bonus game, no free spins or anything complicated. Cons: For some people, a classic slot can become quite boring very quickly, especially if it is the kind of classic slot which doesn’t pay out frequently.

Themed slots – A themed slot is a video slot which is designed to be fun to play, and will follow a particular theme, quite often a movie franchise, or a sport. These are visually appealing online slot games, with great graphics and sound. A themed slot will also have advanced gameplay features such as a bonus feature, free spins and wild symbols. Pros: Great fun, great features including bonus feature, free spins and wild symbols: Cons: Usually pay out a little and often, hard to win large sums.

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