Using Auto-Play on Slots at Online Casinos

December 6, 2011

If you're new to online casinos then you may not yet be familiar with the concept of the auto-play feature offered by the vast majority of online casino software providers out there. This feature allows you as the player to play games without your direct interaction. Ultimately it means that you don't have to sit around and click spin any longer you can let the game play for however long you'd like. The only interrupt that will generally come about is in the event that you hit a bonus feature whether it be a 2nd screen bonus or a free spins bonus that requires user input before the game can proceed. Auto-play is a very convenient way of playing and multi-tasking when it comes to playing slots online.

The configuration options available that can be set when initiating auto-play differ from one software provider to the next. Generally all software providers follow the same principle as to how auto-play is initiated and stopped though which makes it easy to understand how to utilize this feature regardless of which online casinos you choose to play at. More often than not auto-play as a feature is limited to slots games as other games such as blackjack require a lot of user input and very few providers offer auto-play on these types of games. If you want to play blackjack and utilize auto-play we suggest playing at Microgaming casinos which allow you to set strategies for play and offer a lot of configuration.

There are a few basic steps to follow to initiate and make use of the auto play feature at online casinos which we've outlined for you below here at 777OnlineSlots:

1. Download and install the online casino you wish you play at if you haven't already done so.

2. Select a slot game that you'd like to start playing. If the game is already loaded onto your computer the game may load instantly if the game needs to first download it could take a few minutes prior to your being able to play the game so be patient.

3. Once the game is loaded look at the user interface and buttons related to actions that you can perform within the game. Find either the options menu and select auto-play or if there is a button directly within the user interface select that.

4. There depending on the software provider you'll be provided with several options. If you want to keep it simple we suggest that you simply select the number of spins you'd like to play and click "Start Auto-play" or whatever the equivalent may be in order for the slots game to start spinning. If however you want to select other options that are available which generally include the ability to stop auto-play after a certain condition is met (generally a certain jackpot size is hit) you can do so from this menu if options are available.

There you have a general summary of how auto-play at an online casino works and how to initiate the auto-play mode in an online slots game.

One thing to keep in mind though about gaming in general is that playing slots whether it be that you're playing at an online casino or land based casino should be for entertainment purposes. People often times do get carried away gambling and use of features like auto-play makes it just that much easier to get carried away. That being said we suggest that if you use auto-play to try to use it sparingly or if you're doing something and are still involved in watching the reels spinning and the overall enjoyment of slots gaming.

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