When Slots are Fun

June 24, 2012

Online slot players come in a variety of types, from those high rollers whole are constantly chasing the multi-million dollar progressive jackpot pay outs, to people who simply enjoy the playing experience and don’t care if they win or lose. The problem faced by the latter group, is that simply playing for fun will usually still cost money. So we look at three options for slot fans that play for fun to reduce the cost of playing.

Trial play – Almost every online casino allows players to test out online slot games in trial play mode. This means that the money they are wagering is just play money, any losses do not cost anything, and no actual cash can be won. However, some of the newly released online slots, and almost all progressive jackpot slots are not made available for trial play.

Minimum wager – Many online casino operators have a wide selection of online slot games, especially themed video slots, which allow a very low minimum wager, this wager can be as low as $0.05 per spin playing all pay lines. These low wager video slot games are a great way to play slots for fun, without breaking the bank. Check out the currently available low wager lost at your favorite online casino, there will no doubt be a good number of them. The great thing about this option is that you are still in with a chance at hitting a good win, even some progressive slots allow a very low minimum wager, so this is definitely worth exploring if you are the kind of person who likes to play slots for fun, but would like to still be in with a chance of grabbing a good win.

Social slots – Social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+ have a whole bunch of social online casino platforms available to play for free. The only downside of this option is that quite often you might need to play a very small amount of cash for micro payments to enable things like win multiplier and extra coins. Although this is quite inexpensive.

So there we have it, three great options for people who just like to play online slot games for fun, without having to spend a small fortune to make sure they have adequate funds in their bankroll.

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