1,500 Free Bets at Platinum Play

June 21, 2013

Platinum Play online casino has come up with some awesome casino promotions ideas lately, but the current one is something special. We can’t actually remember ever seeing such a cool casino promotion as this one. Why is that? Well, Platinum Play online casino is giving away 1,500 in free bets, and there is absolutely no deposit required for players to claim them! Interested? Then read on.

So what’s the catch? No online gambling site gives away 1,500 in free bets without some sort of small print that protects them right? Well, of course, Platinum Play online casino is not going to give away 1,500 in free bets, and then let players walk away with it. There are a few terms and conditions. So step by step, here is how the 1,500 free bets casino promotion at Platinum Play works:

Firstly, sign up for an account at the online casino, and then download the casino software. Once you have done this and logged in, you should see a button saying something like “Start Free Bets”. Once you click this button you will be given the entire 1,500 in free bets, and you will have a day to spend it!

Once 24 hours is over, any remaining balance will be removed, and you can then cash out any winnings that you managed to accrue. But here is the kicker, only up to a maximum of $100. So even if you rack up thousands of dollars using your 1,500 free bets at Platinum Play online casino, you can only walk away with $100 of it. Then again, that’s a free $100 so not to be sniffed at.

Now we move on to another rather nasty little catch. You cannot cash out any winnings until you have made a cash deposit at the online casino. This is a little weird; you need to put some cash in to take some cash out. Although you will get a deposit bonus for this. So the combination of a good deposit bonus, and the low minimum deposit requirement helps a little. Indeed, many players will probably keep the deposit bonus and play on with their new balance.

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