All Slots Welcome Bonus

May 27, 2013

We didn’t pick up on the fact that All Slots online casino had recently made some very cool changes to its welcome bonus package until now. So please accept our apologies for being a little late with this one, but we hope you find the information below, on how to make the best of the All Slots online casino welcome bonus of use.

OK, first up, how much is the maximum welcome bonus at All Slots worth? Well, it is actually a staggering $500 if you manage to grab it all, but this is a little complicated to do, so we are going to explain just what you need to do to get the full $500 as a bonus from All Slots online casino.

The first thing you need to do is open an account with All Slots online casino. Once you have registered with All Slots, then make a deposit of $200. All Slots will then give you a 100% deposit bonus matching the entire $200, so this is your first free $200 of casino funds.

Then you need to make a second deposit of $400 this time, and once again All Slots will give you a deposit bonus, but only 25% this time, so this gives you another $100 of free casino funds, you now have $300 in total of free funds.

Next, make a deposit of $200 and All Slots will give you a deposit bonus of 50%, so this means another $100 of free casino funds, you are now up to $400 in bonus cash. Finally, make a deposit of $400, and All Slots will give you a 25% deposit bonus, bringing you another $100 in free casino funds, making a grand total of $500 as a multi-stage welcome bonus.

So, to sum it up, if you deposit a total of $1,200 into your All Slots online casino account in the right way, you will receive a total of $500 in free casino funds, and end up with a grand total of $1,700 in your All Slots account. Not too shabby, that’s a pretty large chunk of free cash.

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