Bally Maybe Buying Dragonplay

June 12, 2014

Online slot fans will no doubt be familiar with Bally Technology, one of the most established video slot developers in the world, alongside the likes of Net Entertainment, Cryptologic and Microgaming. However, Bally Technology, unlike some other online slot developers, tends to focus on growing its business organically. So when we heard, for the first time that we can remember, that Bally Technology is considering acquiring Israeli video slot developer Dragonplay, we had to sit up and take notice.

Dragonplay was originally set up in 2010, and since this time, it has attracted many fans, and now sees almost a million active players each day. Dragonplay runs a real-money online gambling site, using its own online poker, bingo and video slot games.

Richard Hadrill, who is the CEO of Bally Technology, has spoken out about Dragonplay by saying that it, “has proven remarkable foresight and leadership in the mobile space, which is the fastest growing segment of social gaming.” So we can see here, reading between the lines, Bally needs mobiel slots.

Bally Technology has been going through quite a bit of restructuring in recent months. However, we need to consider that this is not a bad sign. Indeed, financial statements put out by Bally Technology recently have been extremely positive.

So, we think that Bally Technology has a very valid reason for acquiring an online slot developer that has a proven track record in the mobile slots area. Dragonplay has already proven that when it comes to mobile video slot games, it has the skills and talent needed to get things right. So from this point of view, Dragonplay becomes an entirely logical acquisition target for an online slot developer like Bally Technology, that does seem to have a gap in its product offering when it comes to video slot games that can be played on a mobile device.

We will certainly keep an eye on this potential acquisition of Dragonplay by online slot developer Bally Technology, and keep our readers up to date on anything that happens. Right now, we believe the deal is in the table, whether it will come to fruition or not is another thing entirely, so we will check frequently to see how things progress.

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