Bally Performing Well

May 12, 2014

Bally Technology is a developer of online casino applications, specifically online slot games and the backend technology that is used to deploy them into its licensed online casino sites. Bally competes with the likes of Microgaming and Net Entertainment, in an ever increasingly more competitive market.

Bally Technology has recently released its financial report for the last part of 2013, and it looks very good indeed. In fact, it looks excellent, or as Bally Technology has termed it, outstanding.

Just how outstanding was the last quarter financial report from Bally Technology? Well check this out. The report shows a total revenue of almost $340 million. This might not sound so much compared to the giant companies such as Google and Microsoft, but consider this. $340 million is an improvement of almost $260 million on last year. This is a very serious growth rate. And it was the Bally Technology developed slot games, including online slot games, that made up the largest slice of revenue. Indeed, it seems that in the video slot market Bally Technology has gone from strength to strength.

Something else we should point out about the financial report published by Bally Technology, is that the operating margin was also up this year, and is now pushing 26%, a 3% rise over last year.

The President and CEO of Bally Technology, Ramesh Srinivasan, has said that, “We achieved outstanding financial and operational results in the quarter which helped drive a record 26-per-cent adjusted operating margin for the first nine months of fiscal 2014 versus 23 percent in the prior year. Our Systems business continues to be a major factor as we gain a greater share of the industry’s increasing technology-related spend.”

So, there we have it, and online slot developer that seems to be doing very well for itself, even though many video slot developers have been losing ground to new players in the market such as Canadian based Amaya Gaming Group. We hope to see Bally Technology performing just as well next year, and most importantly, continuing to produce online slot games that us video slot fans enjoy playing again and again.

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