Bet365 Bonus Builder

May 21, 2013

Bet365 online casino seems to have reinvented the casino promotion over the last few weeks. We rarely see online casino sites move away from the tried and tested deposit bonus or free spins bonus type of casino promotion, but Bet365 has just announced its second new type of casino promotion in a row! Titled Bonus Builder, this new casino promo at Bet365 online casino offers a progressive bonus, awarding varying levels of comp points, depending upon the player’s bonus level.

The Bonus Builder casino promotion at Bet365 online casino is running from May 20th until June 16th, and players may opt in to this casino promo at any time during the promotional period. Once the player opts in to the Bonus Builder promo a t Bet365 they will begin earning different levels of comp points (the points used in the Bet365 VIP scheme). There are 5 levels to the Bonus Builder promo, and the higher the level the player achieves, the more comp points they earn!

The way the Bonus Builder promo at Bet365 online casino works, is that the more cash the player deposits, the more comp points they earn, and the more comp points they earn, the higher this progressive bonus will go, all the way up to level 5! Overall, a player can achieve a maximum of €52,500 in extra deposit funds as well as 2,000,000 comp points! That’s some bonus! Even better is the fact that the Bonus Builder casino promotion at Bet365 online casino works in tandem with any other active bonuses on the site. For example, the Slots Club promo, that is much loved by video slot fans, will stack with the Bonus Builder promo.

In truth, we don’t know of any other online casino right now that is offering such a massive bonus as Bet365. This is an incredible, stackable bonus that could see high rollers who deposit lots of cash ending up with something like £75,000 in additional playing funds, if they push the Bonus Builder promo to the max and also combine it with other available promotions and bonuses on the Bet365 online casino site during the promotional period. That is one awful lot of free playing cash!

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