Betfair and Playtech Partnership

September 24, 2012

It’s not often that we see major online casino sites such as Betfair make drastic changes to the technology they use to deliver their online gaming experience. However we have just become aware of a deal being signed between Betfair Online Casino and Playtech, who are one of the largest online gambling platform developers in the world, which will see Betfair replace its current online bingo software, which is developed by Ongame, with new software developed by Playtech.

The relationship between Betfair and Playtech is nothing new. Indeed, they have collaborated frequently in the past, and Betfair already maintains a license with Playtech to provide online bingo content. This new deal paves the way for Betfair and Playtech to collaborate on a range of new online gambling games, and this includes online poker and online video slots.

Indeed, we can see this as a very early indication that Betfair online casino is about to ditch Ongame as its preferred provider of an online poker platform. A high percentage of the online gambling action which takes place at Betfair Online Casino is based around online poker. So this new deal could mean big business for Playtech.

Betfair online casino is one of the largest online casino operators in the world, and operates out of Gibraltar. Playtech is one of the largest online gambling software platform developers in the world, and is used by many well-known online casino brands. So this is quite an event in the world of online gambling, it's not often we see to such influential companies form a trading partnership.

One interesting aspect of this new deal is that Betfair will maintain the right to offer Playtech delivered online poker systems to alternative markets. In effect, this gives Betfair its own white box online poker solution. We will watch closely in the coming months, to see what Betfair decides to do with this interesting aspect of the Playtech partnership. We believe we will see Betfair leverage the value of this clause, and begin to develop tertiary online casino sites to complement the Betfair brand.

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