Big Aladdin’s Gold Win

October 25, 2013

Imagine winning $250,000 on a single spin of an online slot. What would you do? Would you sit amazed at the video slot for paying out so big in one spin, the quickly cash out and never play at an online gambling site again? Or would you keep playing, possibly losing part or all of your big win? Well, one incredibly lucky player at Aladdin’s Gold online casino chose the second option, and taking the chance paid off big, as he walked away with over $420,000 in winnings after playing several online slot games!

The 28 year old player who has asked Aladdin’s Gold online casino to keep his identity secret, has been a long time member of the site. Aladdin’s Gold tells us that historically the player seemed to enjoy four specific video slot games when online gambling, Pay Dirt, Mystic Dragon, Monster Mayhem and Triple Twister, but that they had little luck despite playing for many months. All of this changed earlier this week, when the player deposited just $55 and began playing their usual selection of online slot games.

They initially hit a massive $250,000 win playing Pay Dirt, and then just kept on playing, wagering a total of over $5,000 to rack up the impressive $420,000 balance. This balance was made up from $250,000 from Pay Dirt, $132,000 from Mystic Dragon, $16,000 from Monster Mayhem and $12,500 from Triple Twister. At one stage they had over $465,000 in their online gambling account.

The anonymous winner has state that, “The first thing I did was speak to the staff at Aladdin’s Gold Online Casino, this was more to make sure what I was seeing was right. I deposit and play a lot so it’s great to see that your effort really does pay off. I then called a close friend. I’m looking forward to a long holiday and being able to pay off a few debts, maybe even buy a new car!”

We say well done to this young player, for having the gumption to turn a $250,000 single spin of a video slot game win, into a final balance of over $420,000.

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