Big Beach Life Win

September 5, 2012

When we talk about the kind of online slot that can change a players life overnight, only a few spring to mind, such as the now defunct Lord of the Rings, the world record holding Mega Fortune and Playtech’s flagship progressive slot Beach Life. And it is Beach Life that is the focus of this news article.

Bet365 Online Casino has just released the details of a massive £1,500,000 wind by a player who was spinning the reels of Beach Life. The player, MattC, has been a member at Bet365 Online Casino for a year, and was originally in to the whole sports betting scene. It was not until some weeks later that the player decided to take a few video slot games for a spin, eventually settling on Beach Life as his online slot of choice. This has proven to be a very wise choice, since MattC landed a whopping £1,506,098 progressive jackpot win from Playtech’s Beach Life video slot just a few days ago.

MattC has told Bet365 Online Casino that he really had no idea that he had won the progressive jackpot at first, as he had the sound switched off. He didn’t pick up on the win until he realized the fact that the entire screen was flashing meant that something monumental must have happened! We think that £1,506,098 is definitely monumental enough to warrant full screen flashing! MattC has said that he is going to try and wisely invest some of the money, that is after he has splashed out on a luxury car, something he has always dreamed of doing.

Beach Life is the second most highly paying online slot, and sits only just behind Mega Fortune in the top pay out stakes. Playtech is the developer of Beach Life, and it has been the top progressive slit at Bet265 Online Casino since its launch. Once the progressive jackpot pool raises again to a significant level, be sure to take advantage of the welcome bonus at Bet365 and take a shot at a life changing pay out yourself!

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