Czech Republic Set To Revamp Online Gambling Laws

May 3, 2013

The European Union has some pretty hard and fast directives with regards to online gambling laws. And although these directives are not compulsory for member countries to adopt, they are seen as sensible guidelines, and adoption of them is a shortcut to more sensible online gambling legislation.

Many European counties have either adopted the European Union's directives regarding online gambling law in total, or deployed a modification of them. The Czech Republic has now stated that it will be changing its own online gambling laws, to be more in line with these European Union directives. This will hopefully open up a new market for online casino operators within the country.

The European Commission actually rejected the first proposal for the way the Czech Republic would handle the legality of online casino sites last year. It stated the reason for its rejection was that the proposal put forward failed to safeguard the safety of online casino players.

Now that the Czech Republic has refined its proposed changes to online gambling law, based on advancements in technology that will enable a much safer online casino environment, the proposal has been resubmitted to the European Commission for review.

The Czech Republic will be following the same kind of deployment of online gambling laws as other European countries such as Italy, Denmark and Belgium, and as such, is likely to receive full support of the European Commission this time around.

In fact, it was only last year that the Netherlands actually chose to adopt the Danish model of European online gambling directives with the full support of the European Commission. If the Czech Republic follows the same model, it should be plain sailing to get this proposal approved.

This is all of course very good news for online casino fans who live in the Czech Republic. It could mean that very shortly local online gambling law will have changed significantly, and this will open the door for locally licensed and managed online casino sites to begin serving the local population. This would lead to a massive increase in security and protect residents of the Czech Republic much better that they are now, being forced to play at offshore online casino sites.

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