Double Jackpot Win of $2 Million

October 5, 2013

Most of us would like to think that we have a chance of winning a great jackpot whilst playing online slot games. Although we also all know that the possibility of this is pretty slim. So imaging how short the odds are of winning not one, but two jackpot payouts, from the same video slot game on the same day? Mind boggling, but this is exactly what has just happened to a luck American online slot player at Jackpot Capital Casino whilst playing an online slot game named Vulcan.

The US based online slot player won not one, but two jackpots playing Vulcan at Jackpot Capital Casino that add up to almost $2 million! The player, a female computer professional, is a VIP member of Jackpot Capital Casino and has been playing at the site for the last two years. She admits she had never done very well, until the day she hit these two jackpot pay outs after depositing just $40.

The player hit a double jackpot that totals $1,977,880 during a single week, and then won an extra $12,000 whilst dabbling with another video slot game. She has said that, “I typically play Builder Beaver, Archilles and Spirit of the Inca, and sprinkle in some video poker. I had played Vulcan a few times with not much luck even though I really like the game. This time big surprise – now I love it! When I saw that I’d won over $600,000 on one spin I literally said out loud ‘No way!’ Looking at the screen in disbelief, I actually felt sick for a brief second, to be honest. I just walked around going OMG there is no way that just happened!”

We have to say this is a pretty amazing win whilst playing the Vulcan online slot game at Jackpot Capital Casino, one that just goes to show that when it comes to jackpot payouts, things really are random, even if this randomness occasionally leads to such an improbable event as a double jackpot payout on the same slot, by the same player in a single week!

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