EuroSlots Opens October 1st

September 20, 2012

We think that Cherry should be applauded for the naming of their new European targeted online slots casino, as nobody could mistake the name EuroSlots for anything but a European video slot casino. Cherry already has two successful online gambling sites in operation, these are Cherry Online Casino and Cherry Poker, both of these are successful online gambling sites in their own right. So we are sure that the new EuroSlots Casino will be equally successful.

Cherry has been involved in the casino industry for more than five decades, initially in the real world casino business and more recently in the online gambling market. Cherry has developed a reputation for exceptional customer service, and providing one of the best customer experiences to be found in online casino play.

Marius Andersen, the managing director of Cherry has stated that, "We have created this new site with the player in mind first and foremost, and will create one of the most rewarding online casino experiences available today."

So just what are these extra features that will set EuroSlots apart from the crowd? Well, according to Andersen there are going to be instantly awarded bonuses, and casino promotions will not require any manual processes. Customers will also have access to support round-the-clock, 24/7 and be given access to an online CRM system. Anderson also promises that withdrawals will be swift, and that the site will support multiple languages.

We are always excited to hear of a new video slot focused online casino, and we are doubly excited to hear of a new European video slot casino being launched. Online slots are one of the fastest-growing sectors of the online gambling market, and we are sure that EuroSlots will be a fine new addition to the available online casinos which currently serviced the European sector. So good luck to Cherry, and will certainly check out EuroSlots Online Casino when it launches at the start of October, so check back then find out what we have to say about this new online casino.

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