Fairy Queen at Sky Vegas

September 13, 2012

Sky Vegas Online Casino is one of the top online slot casinos around, and one of the main reasons for this, is that unlike most other online casino sites, they do not simply provide video slots from a single developer. Instead, Sky Vegas Online Casino often adds online slot games from smaller developers, such as Novomatic in this instance. I am sure that like us, you have probably never heard of Novomatic before, so it is nice to be able to report on the launch of Fairy Queen, developed by Novomatic at Sky Vegas Online Casino.

The marketing blurb, which forms part of the launch of Fairy Queen, tells us that this is fun video slot to play, with plenty of excitement. So let us take a closer look. As you may have already guessed, Fairy Queen follows a fairytale theme, think Alice in Wonderland and you cannot go far wrong. The Fairy Queen oversees the entire game, and if the player is lucky enough to hot one of the (rather generous) jackpot pay outs, it is the Fairy Queen who disburses it.

Coming back to the jackpot, it is not a networked progressive jackpot; it is a single game progressive that can go as high as $90,000, making it one of the largest non-networked progressive jackpots around, which makes Fairy Queen a rather special video slot game. Something else which sets this online slot apart from the crowd is the fact it only has the odd number of 10 pay lines. We are not quite sure how this works until we see it in action, as 10 is not divisible by 3 (the number of reels), so we don’t quite understand how 10 pay lines works, we will check it out.

Sky Vegas is offering a casino promotion and deposit bonus to help support the launch of Fairy Queen by Novomatic, so it may be worth heading on over to the Sky Vegas site and taking advantage of this before taking this new online slot for a spin.

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