Frog Hunter at 7Red

May 14, 2013

We see a lot of new online slot releases each month, and in truth, many of these are rather lacklustre, simply rehashing old video slot themes. However, now and then something really cool comes along, and a new slot titled Frog Hunter that has just been released at 72Red online casino really fits into this category very well.

What really strikes us about Frog Hunter at 72Red online casino, is that this is a very simply designed, and sensibly put together video slot game. However, this simplicity does not mean that it is not fun to play, or that it does not include all of the types of gameplay features we expect from a new video slot.

The graphics are great, and done in a cartoon style, and the sound is just about perfect, not too in your face, but enough to augment the game, not drown it out!

We also loved the fact that Frog Hunters comes with two separate bonus features. The first of these bonus features is the Dragonfly Bonus, and this simply triggered by spinning in the dragonfly symbol in the right place (to the right of the male frog symbol or to the left of the female frog symbol). Once triggered the player has a chance to win a bonus of between 10 and 25 credits. On top of this, the Dragonfly Bonus can also award a win multiplier of between 1x and 3x.

The second of the two bonus features is the Water Lily Bonus. This bonus feature is triggered by spinning in three or more water lily symbols. When the Water Lily Bonus is active, you are awarded with an absolutely awesome bonus side game. A river is shown, and you have to hop your frog queen across the river, using the water lilies shown. Each lily you successfully hop across will add to the total win.

Overall, Frog Hunter is a very cool new addition to the range of video slot games available at 72Red online casino. And we guarantee you will absolutely love hopping your frog across those water lilies in the Water Lily Bonus, as this is one of the most fun bonus side games we have seen in a while.

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