Live Blackjack Promo At Roxy Palace Online

February 9, 2018

Once upon a time the Perfect Blackjack hand consisted of the ace and jack of spades. Roxy Palace online casino has reintroduced this hand in an exciting online promotion that runs at its live dealer blackjack tables. The Perfect Blackjack promotion has started on Monday February 5 and will run till Wednesday February 28.

You have to opt in for the promotion from the Roxy Palace web site after logging in as acceptance of the terms and conditions. Then you can take a seat at any of the live blackjack tables in the casino. Even without the promotional offer, this is the best place to play blackjack or roulette or baccarat. You get to experience the fun and thrills of playing in a real casino environment with efficient and courteous dealers. If you are dealt a Perfect Blackjack hand, in the first two cards only, then you win more than the regular blackjack payout. In addition to paying 3 to 2 on your bet, Roxy Palace will credit your account with a cash prize that has absolutely no wagering requirement. The only eligibility requirement is that you should wager £10 or more on the blackjack hand.

The payout for getting a Perfect Blackjack hand will depend on your bet, so go as high as you can. If you are one of the high rollers at Roxy Palace and can bet £200 or more in a single wager then the payout for Perfect Blackjack will be £500. If you bet between £100 and £199 you will get £200. For a bet between £50 and £99 the online promotion pays £100. For a bet between £20 and £49 the Perfect Blackjack hand will pay £50. Even if you a low roller and can bet only between £10 and £19 the payout will be £20. The discerning online casino players will realise that the returns will be maximised by betting the lowest amount of the range. Your winnings will be limited to £500 per day.

There is another online promotion running at the Roxy Palace live casino. This is on the live roulette tables and is called the Live Roulette Bonus Boost promotion. You win a 10% bonus on your winnings or your losses. Roxy Palace online casino is powered by Microgaming and is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar.

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