Microgaming Football Slot Tournament

June 5, 2014

Many months back, we took a look at a Microgaming developed online slot game, based on the famous football magazine Shoot! It the time, we said that Shoot! Was a very cool football themed online slot. So now, we get to revisit this slot, as Microgaming has released a new version that will be the basis of a video slot tournament that will coincide with the World Cup.

This will be a multiplayer video slot tournament, using the new version of the football themed online slot game Shoot! Microgaming is offering a total prize pool of $175,000 for the top performers in this football themed tournament. Good timing from Microgaming, exploiting the popularity of the World Cup to promote its own tournament.

The Shoot! Multiplayer tournament that Microgaming is running to coincide with the World Cup kicks off (please excuse the pun) on the 12th of June, and will run through the rest of the month of June, all the way through July until July the 31st.

The new Microgaming multiplayer platform was designed with just this type of head to head video slot tournament in mind. Choosing the football themed Shoot! Online slot, whilst the World Cup is in play, was a great idea, and in truth, Shoot! Is also a pretty awesome video slot game in its own right.

The new version of the Shoot! Football slot from Microgaming has a few differences to the single player version. For a start, the number of pay lines has been boosted to 50. For those that have never seen or played the Shoot! Online slot game, it is based on the famous football magazine of the same name, and it features many of the really famous football players from the 60s through to the 80s. The gameplay is pretty unique, and the bonus feature is excellent, allowing the player to actually play a football match against an opposing team. Very cool indeed.

So if you happen to be both an online slot fan, and a football fan, then you need to check out the new multiplayer tournament being run by Microgaming over the coming weeks, based around a new multiplayer version of the awesome Shoot! Video slot game. Who knows, you may score well and grab a share of the generous prize pool.

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