New Jackpot City iPad Mobile Casino

September 28, 2012

Mobile gaming is big business right now, and if ever there was a bacon and eggs like synergy, it is online slot games and mobile casino applications. The new generation of mobile apps have some pretty impressive hardware to make use of in the form of the Apple iPad. Plenty of scree real estate, a great touch controls system, and enough grunt to make some impressive graphics and sound available. All in all the Apple iPad is a mobile casino app developers dream.

Jackpot City online casino is powered by Microgaming, and Microgaming has one of the best mobile casino applications around, in the form of its Gamewire platform, which has only recently been announced. Jackpot City is one of the first online casino sites that will use the Microgaming Gamewire platform to deliver high quality online slot games to Apple iPad users.

Spin3 is the official handling company for the Microgaming Gamewire platform, and they act as a middle man between Microgaming and the online casino, in this case Jackpot City. Gamewire allows the casino site to provide a white box mobile platform, branded in their own way.

Jackpot City online casino is one of the first to adopt this new Microgaming product, but we are sure it will not be the last. Gamewire looks set to be the hot online gambling app for the next year or more, and can truly take advantage of the advanced features found on modern mobile devices such as the Apple iPad.

Jackpot City online casino is offering a special casino promotion to tie in with the launch of its new mobile gambling app, and players can receive a large deposit bonus of up to $500, depending upon how much they actually deposit.

We had been hoping for an excuse to write about the new Microgaming Gamewire mobile casino app, as we think we will some awesome mobile online slot games emerge because of it, so check back for more news about this emerging technology in the future.

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