New NetEnt Games

May 16, 2014

Swedish online gambling software developer, Net Entertainment (NetEnt) seems to be on a roll right now, as it has released quite a few new video slot, and other online gambling games already this year. We have just heard that NetEnt has now developed and released two completely new versions of online roulette. We are going to take a look at these.

These two new versions of online roulette that Net Entertainment has just developed and launched are American Roulette and French Roulette. Both of these new online gambling games take the original online version of roulette, and add a host of new gameplay features, making them more fun to play online. Let’s face it, roulette can be a pretty bland game to play online, so this is a shrewd move by NetEnt, re-imagining online roulette to be more fun to play, and this is sure to go down will with online roulette fans.

Simon Hammond, the Chief Product Officer for Net Entertainment, has spoken out on the release of both American Roulette and French Roulette, by saying that, "It's a privilege to announce that an American and French Roulette version are being added to Net Entertainment's best of breed games portfolio and we're sure they will be very well-received. Both games provide a world class experience and intuitive designs help make the feeling of sitting in an online table environment the best ever."

One of the things that make these two new versions of online roulette very easy to play, as opposed to other implementations of online gambling version of roulette, is the interactive help system. This includes in-line help that prompts players to perform their next action, and also interactive tool tips that pop up when a player hovers over a part of the game, to explain the feature.

Overall, Net Entertainment has been pretty clever here. Online roulette has been possibly the least played form of online gambling game that has made the transition from real-world casinos. By taking online roulette, and really reworking it so that it fits more in an interactive online environment, NetEnt is likely to win many more fans, as for the first time ever, roulette becomes an online gambling game that is as easy, and also fun to play, as others.

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