New Social Casino Deal

June 23, 2014

We are entering into a very interesting time for online gambling in general at the moment. It can only be a matter of time before most online casino operators realize that social networking sites like Facebook and Google+, have created a generation of online casino players who now expect socially enabled features.

Plaor Inc., a company owned by the CrowdGather social media network, is a company with the technology and experience to help online casino operators bring social network features to their online gambling sites.

It seems that Multicommerce Game Studio recognizes this situation, and has just signed a partnership deal with Plaor to team up and start to deploy socially enabled online gambling content via their online casino site.

Richard Corredera, who is the Chief Operations Offiver for Plaor, has spoken out on this new deal with Multicommerce Game Studio, by saying that, "We are pursuing an aggressive strategy focused on augmenting our proprietary games with exclusive licenses for leading video slot content. Our relationship with Multicommerce Game Studio is an important part of our efforts to build a portfolio of licensed video slot games for Mega Fame Casino & Slots(TM) and strategic content partnerships that we believe will be one of the most extensive in the industry."

Reading between the lines here, it would seem that Plaor does indeed recognize the fact that online gambling fans really are looking for a much fuller, socially enabled experience at the online casino site they choose to play at. And any online casino operator that fails to a) recognize this, and b) actually to roll out socially enabled online gambling content, is going to miss the boat, once other online casino operators are up to speed.

Plaor already has begun developing a reputation for innovative, fresh new online gambling games. By partnering with Multicommerce Game Studio, they are adding a great new string to their bow. We really do think that this kind of strategic partnership is the way forward for online gambling software developers. It will only be a matter of time before the big boys, the likes of Microgaming and Net Entertainment, start to turn their eyes towards socially enabled online casino content, and Plaor is currently positioning itself at the head of the pack.

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