New Unibet Slots

June 28, 2013

It’s not often we get to post about new video slot games developed by one of the smaller online slot developers. So this time around it’s nice to see Unibet delivering two brand new slot games in a single month.

The first of these two Unibet developed online slot games is Beowulf. This is a video slot based on the 2007 movie of the same name, based upon the Scandinavian hero, again of the same name. Beowulf was originally released as a free slot game on Facebook. It is quite strange to see a free to play slot be converted to pay to play format, it usually happens the other way around.

Beowulf has some great gameplay features, including the awesome dragon battle feature. Players of Beowulf have to collect special Dragon scatter symbols. The more they gather, the better their chance of entering the dragon battle bonus feature, a free spins feature that should be great fun to play.

The second new slot released this week by Unibet is Star Trek Red Alert. The game is obviously set in a Star Trek theme, sure to be a hit with any trekkies who also enjoy online slot games. All of the usual characters are included in Star Trek Red Alert, including Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Scotty and Bones.

Star Trek Red Alert is all about free spins, with an awesome free spins feature available. However, the bonus feature is also very good. To trigger this bonus feature, players need to collect 25 special medals, and once they have them all, the New Worlds bonus feature triggers. In this bonus feature, you and your starship boldly go where no online slot player has gone before!

Overall, Start Trek Red Alert and Beowulf are two solid new video slot releases by Unibet. Both of these video slot games are, or should soon be, available on any Unibet powered online casino site. It is also expected that Unibet will also convert both Star Trek Red Alert and Beowulf to a mobile format at some stage. This means that both of these new slots would be available on the iGaming platform, great news for mobile slots fans, as iGaming is one of the best mobile casino apps out there.

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