Philadelphia Considers Online Gambling

October 22, 2013

We have posted quite frequently in the past about the emerging American online gambling market, and the fact that many states are considering following the example set by Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, and allowing local online casino operators to apply to gambling license. The latest state of America to begin making noises about legalized online gambling, is Philadelphia.

Just this week, local officials and regulators met in Philadelphia to discuss the possibility of making online gambling legal within the state. This would see online casino operators and other online gambling related companies, following the example set already in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, and applying for localized online gambling licenses.

The discussion was based around the viability of turning online gambling in Philadelphia, into a solid income stream for the local government, this would be in the form of gambling tax, and would allow Philadelphia to begin collecting tax revenue from locally licensed online casino companies, and other firms who operate within the online gambling market.

It was only last week that New Jersey finally made online gambling completely legal within the state, so this means that now, not only New Jersey but also Delaware and Nevada, allow online casino sites to apply for local licenses. And we believe that this is a situation we are going to see emerging in Philadelphia very soon. In fact, we predict that many States of America will begin to follow the example set by the three states that are already allowing online gambling to take place legally. The online gambling market can deliver huge chunks of cash via gambling tax revenue, and allowing online casino companies to apply for local licenses is the logical way forward.

So it looks like being great news for online gambling fans who live in Philadelphia, as it seems that shortly, legalized online casino play could be a reality. Let’s hope that an ever-increasing number of local state level governments in the USA begin to follow this sensible route, and begin issuing localized online gambling licenses to reputable firms, enabling nationwide legalized online gambling at some stage in the future. Sure, it won’t be tomorrow, but it definitely now looks like its heading that way.

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