Playtech Goes Social

September 1, 2012

Revenue for Playtech, the online gambling platform developer was up 64% in the first half of the year, this is some major growth for the company. However, we need to consider the fact that Playtech, as a business entity is a pretty diverse beast. Firstly, it develops the online gambling platform, which is used by many top online casino sites such as Paddy Power and Gala. Secondly, it also owns a major stake in some of the top online casino sites around, including a 29% share of William Hill Online, possibly the largest online casino site around. However, it seems that Playtech is serious about building on this success by following a couple of recent emerging trends in online gambling, namely social gaming and mobile gambling.

Moz Weizer, who is the CEO of Playtech, has said that, “Mobile is becoming very important and one of the fastest growing segments in our industry.” He also went on to add that, “The convergence between real money and social (media) is almost inevitable.” Moreover, by these two statements, we can see that Playtech is definitely looking towards exploiting the mobile gambling and social gaming trends which we have seen emerge over the last twelve to eighteen months.

We have seen a few online casino operators move towards a more social gaming orientated model, and this is especially true of those online gambling companies that specialize in online slots. Indeed, some of the best free online slots play is via Facebook applications such as the impressive DoubleDown Online Casino, and as Playtech is noted for its online slots development, we are quite sure we will see the company take a similar route to market.

Therefore, we will keep a very close eye on Playtech ion the coming months, and we are pretty sure we will see a round of mergers and acquisitions as the company maneuvers itself in to a strategic position to facilitate the actioning of this newly stated mobile gambling and social gaming focus. Our best guess is that we will see some of the top Playtech developed online slots start to be offered via social networking sites such as Google+ and facebook.

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